ICTS Precision Medicine develops best practice guidance for investigators on the critical issues associated with genomic research. 


Washington University Genomic Database

What is the Database?

The WU Genomic Database is a shared research resource linking genomic data with electronic medical records. The database uses a standardized consent for all investigators.    

The Consent

The IRB has approved a common  consent that can be used by all WU genomic researchers to allow participant genetic data to be linked to their electronic health record for research purposes.
Common Consent PDF

How do I get started?

Researchers interested in using the  Genomic Database Consent should contact the Precision Medicine Navigator Tricia Salyer salyerp@wustl.edu to be added to the study’s protocol and given instructions for use.

Return of Genomic Results

WU IRB Return of Results Guidance: Genetic/Genomic Data (PDF)   Guidance developed with WU IRB that is also in the HRPO Research Guide covering general principles to consider and informed consent requirements when returning primary and incidental genomic research results to research participants.

National Academies of Science Guidance on Return of Results (PDF) Reviews the current evidence on the benefits, harms, and costs of returning individual research results, while also considering the ethical, social, operational, and regulatory aspects of the practice.